Online Business and Stage Fright

If you’re a person who hates to even think about getting up on stage and performing for an audience, you may have some understanding of what it is like for some to consider starting their own online business. Having a website or starting an online business is…scary business. As easy as it is to start a money-making endeavor online, moving it in the right direction, sourcing, out-sourcing, marketing, promotion, advertising, content development, product development, forming affiliation…the likes, it’s a lot for one person to take on.But it’s not impossible.I was a performer before I was an online business owner, so I can assure you that I’ve had my fair share of stage frights. In an experience of stage fright, there are two dynamics at work. One is the desire to ‘perform’; the other is the fear that works in the opposite direction, stopping the performer from moving forward.The Four Essential Ds for an online business ownerThe idea of an online business is a good one for individuals who are gifted and have the four Ds. The four Ds are Desire, Do-It, Determination and Destination.When the online business owner has all the above four ingredients, I can assure you that he/she have all the right stuff to make it in the online business world. However, I would like to note that there are many in this world who possesses the above and yet don’t seriously consider the idea of making money online because they fear the stage…which is the Internet. The fear far outweighs the potential in the minds of these individuals. I don’t blame them. The internet provides them a bigger-than-usual stage as compared to a brick-and-mortar business. Matters become even more twisted if that person has never owned a business, much less an online one, to begin with.Stop moving the timelineThe first thing that person needs to do is to stop moving the timeline. For example, Paul may have a great idea about starting an online business. While still keeping his regular salary-paying sales job, he throws himself completely into coming up with a plan for an online business and gives himself six months to do it. Despite the great plan, what Paul sees in front of him is a whole line of obstacles he has to go through before his dream of ever owning an online business of his own will come true. Without his knowing, he is mentally pushing his own ‘three month’ timeline forward. He gets a promotion, he sidelines his ‘project’. He finds a girlfriend, his plans gets booted backwards again. His car needs fixing, he forgets his online business plan. Hence, in this situation, you can see how Paul’s great online business plan is bound for failure.I can tell you that if Paul doesn’t do something about his online business plan right NOW, he would hit fifty and think about those great plans that he made back then and label the plan as something that ‘could have been’.And it’s a pity because it’s just a matter of stage fright.Stage Fright Peels away once you’re on the stageWhat Paul doesn’t see or is willing to see is this…like stage fright, you forget about it when you’re on stage! You could be shaking and quivering back stageand the butterflies in your tummy really bothers you but the moment you step on stage and put your heart into it, everything else, all those fears, peels away. Forgotten because you’re already in motion.Bottom line is, I don’t want you to be Paul. If you have a fabulous idea that you think you want to bring online, I suggest that you make the plan and do it now. The stage is yours.

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Understand the Working of Mutual Funds

Half of all the households in America invest in mutual funds. For most people mutual fund investment is better than keeping money in the bank. Mutual funds are companies that invest money in stocks, bonds and other securities. When you buy mutual funds your money is a portion of the holdings of the fund. Make money in Mutual funds in a sure and safer way rather than following the swings on Wall Street.Not all mutual funds have delivered and putting your money in a mutual fund does not necessarily give you good returns. How can you make money from mutual funds?o Income from mutual funds is earned from dividends on stocks and interest on bonds.o If securities have increased in price and the fund decides to sell the securities, then the fund has made a capital gain which it passes on to its investors.o The mutual fund holds shares and if these shares have increased in price. You can sell your mutual fund shares for a profit.o You could reinvest your earning and get more shares as well.o Mutual funds is a long term investment optionIs Mutual Fund investment a good option?Get to know mutual fund basics and invest in the best mutual funds and your investment is a wise one. Why are mutual funds safer than stock market? Since the money of the fund is diversified the risk of the company is less. Even though gains in some investments are minimized due to losses in others they still stand to gain in transaction costs as it is for large amounts of securities. The good about mutual funds is that you do not have to follow the prices of stock and get worried about loss. Liquidity is also there since you can convert your shares into cash at any time. Many banks have their own mutual funds and a small investment of $100 on a monthly basis can reap good rewards. On going yearly fees and transaction fees are the costs that eat into your mutual funds profits. Fees for the sales persons and brokers also eat into your funds. These are called loads. There types of loads are front end loads and back end loads. So it is best to choose a fund with no loads.Types of mutual fundsEach fund describes its investment objective. Since it is predetermined you can choose whether to invest in it or not. Each All mutual funds are variations of three basic classes.o Equity Funds invest in stockso Fixed-income funds invest in bondso Money Market funds are diversifiedEquity funds require a long term capital growth with some income. The best returns can be understood by the companies invested in. Large cap companies are the safest equity investments.Bond/Income funds give you higher returns but are risky if they are not invested in government securities. Also another factor is the high inflation risk which brings down the profit on your investment.Money market funds are investments mostly in treasury bills. This is a safe investment option. Your returns may be twice that offered by banks, though not much your principal is safe.
Other varieties of mutual funds areo Growth funds are the investment in the equity of fast growing companies.o Specialty funds are the investment in equity of companies that are of the same sector or region.o A balanced fund is a combination of fixed income funds and equity funds. Asset allocation fund has objectives similar to that of a balanced fund.o Socially responsible funds do not invest in industries such as tobacco, alcoholic beverages, weapons or nuclear power. Maintaining a healthy conscience is a criterion of this fund.o Index funds replicated the performance of the market index such as Dow Jones or ‘Standard and Poor’s 500’ is a site that gives you info on mutual fund basics , mutual fund investment etc. There are many more articles that could help you make a wise investment choice in the fund market.